The French woman’s man, Be sexy every-where

The French woman’s man, Be sexy every-where

When you’re solitary in Paris, the number of choices for relationship are endless.

Right right Here, Florence Besson, Eva Amor and Claire Steinlen reveal the French woman’s secrets of seduction – in and out regarding the boudoir.

Be sexy every-where

Constantly cool and that is always prepared’s the key of Parisienne style, therefore no Ugg boots or sequined tops. You will need to follow a style that is quietly seductive. Coco Chanel stated, up a little…maybe that is the afternoon she’s got a romantic date with fate. ‘ We don’t know how a female can go out without repairing by herself’

On a very first date, go with the light touch: an indicator in place of a declaration; sexy without saying therefore. Читать далее «The French woman’s man, Be sexy every-where»